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lifetime family co-pilot

Your guide to making the thoughtful decision of becoming a parent

Whether you're considering starting a family or are already on the path, our app supports you at every stage.

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Why Choose Our App?

Decide with Confidence

Use our custom-designed decision-making path to assess your readiness for parenthood. Explore personal, financial, and lifestyle factors through interactive scenarios and gain insights into personal and child development to set clear expectations.

Learn and Prepare

Access expert-backed resources on everything from pre-conception to parenting techniques. We offer a wide range of scientific information and guides to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared.

Track and Plan

Utilize tools like fertility trackers and pregnancy guides to optimize your health and manage your journey effectively, ensuring a healthy process for both parents and child.

Connect and Share

Engage with a community of aspiring and existing parents. Share experiences and find support through forums and topic-specific communities.

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Our motivation & values

Becoming a parent is a monumental, life-altering decision heavily influenced by cultural expectations and social pressures.

The path to parenthood is often cluttered with conflicting advice and overwhelming information about the pros and cons of raising a child.
This leads many to wonder:

  • How do we make this crucial decision?
  • Which information is scientifically accurate and reliable?
  • How can we best prepare ourselves mentally and physically?

This inspired us to develop Seedly, a tool designed to cut through the noise.

Our app serves as a comprehensive guide designed to help individuals and couples make well-informed decisions about parenthood.

It offers scientifically-backed resources and tools to prepare for and navigate the parenting journey, ensuring you make the best decision for your personal and family life.


Meet our team

Mariia Shevchenko-Saranchuk


Business Onboarding Specialist at Revolut, Strategy Consultant for young businesses, Entrepreneur

Olena Melnyk


HR Project Manager, Psychology student, Promoter of scientific approach in Psychology

Tetyana Rozhkova

Head of Product

Yandex Alumni, 
NN/g Certified Product Designer & Researcher

Andrii Los


YC Alumni, Ex-Revolut
Software Engineer

At the heart of Seedly is a deep commitment to the well-being of future parents and their children.

We believe that well-informed individuals, equipped with reliable knowledge and minimal doubts, are more likely to foster healthy relationships and ensure the optimal development of their children.

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